HutchinsonCommitteeSMState Senator Toi Hutchinson (D - Chicago Heights) released the following statement following the governor's State of the State address:

We are quickly approaching our eighth month without a budget in Illinois. Without a working budget in place, there is no opportunity to invest in our schools to ensure a world-class education for our children. There is no opportunity to invest in our workforce for the companies who want to establish and grow in Illinois. We won’t be able to reduce the prison population by providing services that cut down on recidivism and keep folks off the street. We cannot do a single thing Governor Rauner laid out in his State of the State address without paying for it. 

There is no magic arithmetic we can employ or wishful thinking about a world where we don’t have to pay taxes to create that reality. It is an undeniable fact that the people who pay the highest proportion of their income to taxes, those at the bottom 20 percent of our economy, have been and are continuing to be hurt the worst as they pay for the largest tax cut in Illinois history. And how do they pay? They pay dearly in lost jobs and services, broken promises to college students, more than 30,000 children who still cannot access safe child care and preschool, seniors losing meals, the systematic dismantling of our entire safety net, and on and on and on. This is what it looks like when you lose $5 billion on the first day of the year and lack the political will to do anything about it.

The most hopeful thing I heard today from the governor is that it is time to cast aside partisan agendas and ideology so that we can solve problems. I’m waiting to the see the first demonstration of exactly that so we can end this budget impasse once and for all.

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